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Do you enjoy ants? We didn’t either until we discovered Aragon (ANT). Running on the ultra-fast and stable Ethereum Blockchain this token has been making its way through the charts. ANT has been around since mid-2017 and seemed to hit somewhat of a stalemate in price jumps between August 2018 and until just more recently starting to see activity spikes in June of 2020. Since then, the charts have been fluctuating for the better and we believe this will greatly increase within the next decade as cryptocurrency becomes more popular and mainstream.

The versatility of Ethereum’s blockchain has been one of the major breakthroughs in the crypto space because it has made it easy to create several other tokens besides ETH. When anyone deploys a decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain, they also have the option of adding a token that will be used as a medium of exchange within their platform.

There are quite a number of decentralized apps and tokens on Ethereum’s blockchain that have the potential of gaining value in the future. Aragon (ANT) Token is one of these tokens. If you are keen to learn more about Aragon (ANT) Token, this article is for you. Stompy will share all the basics that anyone interested in this token needs to know before they make a choice to invest in it.

What is Aragon (ANT) Token?

Aragon token is the native token or cryptocurrency used on the Aragon platform. Aragon is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform offers a modularized way to create decentralized apps, cryptoprotocols, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

Owners of the Aragon (ANT) Token are the ones with the powers to determine the rules of how this platform is run. They can also use their tokens to make purchases within the platform or exchange them with other tokens in crypto exchange marketplaces. Aragon (ANT) Token can also be traded on popular crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. This makes it possible to convert your Aragon (ANT) Tokens into fiat and vice versa.

The value of the Aragon (ANT) Token currently stands at $4.3 by the time of writing this article. However, its price has been fluctuating between $2.9 to $13 in the past year. The token achieved its all-time high in April 2021 when it reached the $14.7 mark. Please note that these figures might be different by the time you read this article.

How Aragon (ANT) works?

Aragon (ANT) gives you the platform to create decentralized apps (Dapps) and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) on an open-source infrastructure with all the governance plugins. The rules of the platform are determined by those who own tokens. So, if you want your voice to have an impact on the way the platform is run, you will have to buy a good number of Aragon (ANT) Tokens.

The market cap of the entire Aragon platform is $168,985,790.97, making it one of the fastest-rising platforms on Ethereum’s blockchain. Over 39,609,523 ANT coins are already in supply. However, the maximum supply of this coin is not yet known,

7 Day Chart for Aragon (ANT) by CoinMarketCap

How Can I Store Aragon (ANT) Long-Term?

It can be difficult to decide where you’d like to store your tokens as there are a couple of various options and some pose a higher risk than others. We recommend using a cold-storage hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger as the risks are then only limited to User Error. If you have a safe place to store your wallet and recovery information, then you are set for the long haul! Regardless of how safe some online exchanges and wallets say they are, if they are connected to the internet, it is possible to be hacked and this, unfortunately, has occurred multiple times on many different platforms.

Cold-Storage wallets eliminate that worry altogether and even more; Ledger hardware wallets support cold storage staking up to 7 coins at a time. So, if the only reason holding you back from investing in a secure hardware wallet has been a lack of staking support, thanks to technology and super smart people, we can now all stake our coins safely! Currently, according to Ledger, they do not support staking of Aragon (ANT), however, they certainly support secure cold storage of it!

In our opinion, paired with the secured cold storage Ledger or Trezor wallet, Aragon (ANT) could potentially be the same as planting a money tree. Ethereum is gaining tremendously in popularity as cryptocurrency quickly adapts to modern life and is implemented in various locations around the globe.

Stompy’s Aragon (ANT) Live Chart 1 Month View

But Stompy, How Do We Buy It?

Great question my friends, luckily for this Ethereum wonder token its available pretty much on every exchange you could look for it. We’re only going to recommend our favorite one to purchase it through however and that is right here on Stompy’s Ethereum Exchange. Oh, how delightful you’re able to read about the cake and eat it exactly where you read about it.

When you exchange using our KyberSwap a small website fee is generated for CoinStomper’s ever-expanding and constantly developing features! From our exchange, you can even connect your Trezor or Ledger super-secure cold storage wallets and exchange for ANT directly for Ethereum.


A Stompy Conclusion

Overall, we give Aragon (ANT) a 4/5 for investment potential and will be watching the charts as this token STOMPS its way through the metaverse and continues developing features. We believe Aragon has a very bright future ahead of them and look forward to updating our review of them in the future! We wish the entire Aragon (ANT) team the best of luck as well as all its holders!

As always, we implore you to research this token for yourself using the links below as there is a lot more information and features that we didn’t cover in this article.

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