BEHOLD, the PiccoloINU Token!

Locked Liquidity

100% Transparency

Swap Available (PinuSwap)

2% Static Reflections

NFT Marketplace

Strong Roadmap

Growing Community

Ethereum Mainnet

100 Trillion Initial Supply

“I’ve Heard Enough Talk! You Know Why We’re Here So LET’S GET ON WITH IT!” -Piccolo

Finally, a DBZ coin to get excited about has arrived! We have our target set for greatness and have high hopes for this coin’s future here at CoinStomper.Com. A Dragonball Z inspired decentralized and transparent token created for MASS adoption!

The Piccolo Inu token is an Ethereum Mainnet token with a deflationary supply, offering 2% of every transaction to it’s holders and 7% going to marketing and random buy-backs. They offer the cutest gaming NFT’s we have ever seen!

PSA: We will continue to keep this post updated as big new features and moves develop with this New rising token. Piccolo Inu seems to have a vast amount of potential and we feel as though it may be one of the top gainers in the next coming years. We are holders ourselves of PINU and have high hopes for this one!

UPDATE 1/6/2022

PINU Holders Unite! We had to provide an updated overview of this token as they have been on a track forward with their development that looks quite promising. From updating their branding to having a full NFT collectible card collection with some of the most amazing designs we have seen to date Piccolo Inu appears to be on its way to the moon and beyond!

The Piccolo Inu team has recently posted about exciting new aspects including a new roadmap and a new website overhaul. They are hard at work with their marketing and are spreading the word rapidly and building a large community.

Investment Potential

While it has been a bumpy chart so far for PINU, you must look at it from a long-term perspective. PINU is still new and hasn’t made its biggest ATH (all-time high) in our opinion, as the community grows and learns of its existence and more holders come, we believe this token has the potential for a very large spike at some point in its future, meaning anyone that invested even a small amount of money early on could possibly see large returns for their Early Faith so to speak.

While holding on to PINU tokens and their amazing-looking NFTs you can help influence the growth by telling your friends/family about PINU and spreading the word. When Elon Musk tweets about Dogecoin he influences the price by the influx of investments that his readers make. The community is currently thriving and growing exponentially already, and we can see clear progress by the development team behind PINU.

Stay Updated with PINU

As we’ve said, we will continue to update this post as new developments arise, to see full details of their latest updates please view Piccolo Inu’s Phase 2 video below. We look forward to all of PINU’s future updates and can’t wait to see how the future unfolds for PINU!

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Piccolo Inu Is CONSTANTLY Expanding!

With an ever-expanding community and the ever-so-wise Piccolo INU backing this token, we believe it has the potential to reach great heights! They have been listed on Etherscan, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Uniswap, Hotbit, Certik,BitMart and LBank! The team also offers a “Pinu” staking option, which is a wonderful way to create passive income and a big bonus in our book.

We encourage you to read more about them on the links below, we wish the team and Piccolo INU the BEST of luck!

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