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Chain Link (LINK) – The Connection Coin

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A Delightful Long-Term Ethereum Coin

Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the crypto world today we’re going to be covering chain link which securely connects smart contracts using off-chain data and services. Chain link has been topping the charts lately and we here at Coin Stomper felt inclined to inform all of our readers about LINK. Chainlink charts have been climbing since May of 2020 and their future looks bright which may indicate a good investment opportunity. without any further ado let’s get started.

What is Chain Link?

Chain link has two major use cases for DeFi and Enterprise. Chain link is an industry-leading Oracle solution that secures money for DeFi and provides global enterprises with a way to connect to blockchains. The Chain Link token price is currently hovering around $24 well its trading volume is $843 million in the past 24 hours at the time this article was written They currently have a market cap of over $11 billion and seems to be gaining steam rapidly in the cryptoverse.

With the way cryptocurrency has been trending for the past few months we believe it is a great time to jump on board with chain link as cryptocurrency is still a new concept and is rapidly spreading and taking over. We feel it’s better to get on the ship before the ship is too full.  There are currently over 630 thousand holders of LINK and that number is getting larger by the day.

This smart contract-creating coin runs on the ultra-secure and speedy Ethereum Network which has also been gaining attention as of late. We can only envision a bright future for Chain Link as its popularity continues to soar to new heights and they develop more advanced features. Their website provides all their latest moves and updates. We believe that if you are searching for a long-term investment to hold onto then LINK appears to be a wonderful option.

What’s so great about Chain Link?

Chain Link started in 2017 and is an ERC-677 token (An extension of ERC-20) that can data from an “Off-Chain” source to a smart contract. Chainlink is entirely decentralized giving LINK flexibility and data to adapt to market demand rapidly. Looking at their chart history and use cases this coin is destined for great things in the future, which could possibly mean great things in their current holder’s futures as well.

Boasting a solid road map and structurally sound coin we feel that Chain Link will continue to develop and grow and even explode in demand within the next decade which we believe is a great opportunity to set aside some LINK for a rainy day. You can earn some passive income with LINK as if you have the Ledger wallet and live app, you are able to stake your Chain Link and let it passively earn income for you while you wait for big changes in value.

What Wallets Can You Store (LINK) Within?

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To name a few of our favorite wallets that support this Ethereum token we will list them out for you.

Metamask is a widely used crypto wallet and gateway to multiple blockchain apps. This is a very safe and secure method of exchanging for various tokens across the cryptoverse. Metamask is also able to be securely connected on our exchange to purchase (LINK) for Ethereum.

Trezor is a secured hardware wallet that provides advanced security for handling cryptocurrencies to allow the safest method of storing your investments as nothing online is ever completely secure. This eliminates worry and allows the most secure crypto transactions available today. You are also able to connect Trezor via our exchange to purchase (LINK) and other various coins using Ethereum.

Ledger is another secured hardware wallet that implemented a proprietary OS that was designed to protect all assets. They utilize a 24-word backup phrase that can be used just in case the device is lost or stolen. Trezor can also be used to connect securely to our exchange for various coins among the Ethereum blockchain.

Atomic Wallet is a software wallet that offers security, great customer service, and a large internal exchange that you can purchase (LINK) from as well. This is our go-to wallet for storing coins safely on a computer.

How Can You Purchase LINK?

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On CoinStomper.Com

There are many exchanges and places to purchase (LINK). One of which is on our own Exchange here at CoinStomper! You just need some Ethereum available in your wallet and you’ll be able to use our exchange to purchase (LINK).

Discover more about ChainLink (LINK)

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