Help Put Putin Down! A BSC Token That Aids Ukraine! (RCP)


Strong Tokenomics

Liquidity Fee

Payback Time


Donations To Ukraine

Want to help Ukraine the digital way? Why not invest in Rainbow Cat Putin (RCP)!

Rainbow Cat Putin (RCP) was created to give everyone the opportunity to help put an end to Putin and his reign of terror against Ukraine. With the strong tokenomics implemented within this action-packed BSC token, one could turn a profit while assisting Ukraine in its dire time of need. Part of the taxes that are generated by purchasing $RCP is donated directly to Ukraine and to the UN Refugee Agency.

In this blog, we will go over a few of the great aspects that we believe make this such a wonderful token and we believe that the donation aspect of this token alone makes it a wonderful investment regardless of charts. We are proud to add this token to our Stompy Exchange and encourage all our readers that want to help Ukraine to look at this potential gem.

Hot Off The Press!

Rainbow Cat Putin (RCP) has just begun to circulate as it was launched the day before this article was written on 03/01/2022. With the market cap low, it is now an opportune time for potential investors as more holders are generated each day. This token runs on the ultra-fast and secure Binance smart chain and can be purchased by trading for BNB. With a fast-growing community that has a noble goal of helping Ukraine, we believe this token is now set for greatness.

Help Defend The Innocent!

Aside from being a great token with a low market cap that has the potential to skyrocket and take your investment to another level, the goal is to help Ukraine in its dire situation. With a 1% tax on every purchase/sale going directly to aid Ukraine, as this token explodes so too will donations for Ukraine, providing a wonderful way for everyday citizens like yourself a way to help end the Tyranny of Putin and all his crimes against humanity. We here at CoinStomper offer our full support to Ukraine and we hope everyone who can help, chips in to help bring an end to this senseless war.

Strong Tokenomics With Anti-Rug Pulling Features

  • Liquidity Fee – 3%

       Each transaction, sale, and any purchase will send 3% directly to the Liquidity Pool.

  • Payback Time – 5%

For every transaction, 5% is taken out so the contract automatically buys and burns tokens to help maintain a strong and constant buy pressure.

  • Reflections – 2%

For every transaction, 2% is taken out and split between every current holder of RCP.

  • Marketing & Development – 4%

For each transaction, 4% is taken out and added to a wallet to help pay for marketing and further development of Rainbow Cat Putin to ensure future stability as the token continues to gain traction and grow.

  • Charity Donations To Ukraine – 1%

On each transaction, 1% is taken and donated to the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency). While 1% may not seem like a lot, when you consider the amount that can be purchased/sold in a single day, the donation wallet will fill up fast. 1% of a million dollars is 10,000.00 to help put this into perspective.

Stompy Approved & Tested

We wouldn’t recommend a token we wouldn’t invest in ourselves, which is why we are honored to be invested in RCP on launch day. We believe in this token and wish to aid Ukraine in any way possible and we have no plans to sell our investment.  We can confirm that this token is not a honeypot and is a sellable token.

I Want To Help, How Can I Purchase RCP?

(RCP) Rainbow Cat Putin can be purchased trading for BNB on the Binance Blockchain. If you have BNB in your wallet, you’ll be able to purchase RCP. RCP can be purchased at our very own Stompy Exchange with a lower swap fee than you’ll find anywhere else, it can also be purchased via PancakeSwap. Just click on the link below if you wish to purchase Rainbow Cat Putin and help put an end to Putin’s reign of terror. If you’re having Slippage issues, set the slippage to 25%, it will only use the amount it needs for gas fees in the transfer, so it honestly does not matter what slippage you set.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Help End Ukraine’s Suffering!

Moonshot dreams aside, Rainbow Cat Putin (RCP) and their community is aiming to help put an end to Ukraine’s suffering at the hands of an evil Tyrant. Spread the word, let’s send them help, and let them know the world is on their side. We always recommend researching tokens for yourself and we encourage you to look at the links provided below to see the potential of this token for yourself.

Learn More About Rainbow Cat Putin (RCP)

This is NOT Financial Advice

Stompy ALWAYS recommends doing your own research before making an investment decision.