Meta Shib – A State of Balance


  • Available on UniSwap
  • Stunning Website
  • Strong Tokenomics
  • Growing Community
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • Endless Possibilities
  • ERC-20 Token

What is Meta Shib?

This star gazed Ethereum based token has caught all our attention at CoinStomper. With their recent rise in price even during a cryptocurrency market crash, we are astonished by their tokenomics providing a wonderful rise in the charts. Meta Shib is taking the crypto-space by force it seems and is looking on its way to great success.

MetaShib, at the time this article was written, has 491 holders making it a great jumping-on point for this token as awareness is spreading rapidly. According to their website, “Meta Shib is the latest ERC-20 token that aims to maintain a state of balance and equilibrium in the latest interest towards Metaverse.” ERC-20 tokens are used for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Featuring strong tokenomics with 10% of all taxes collected going to Reflections for its existing holders, we feel this token has potential.

Rising Through The Stars

The Meta Shib team has created a work of art token with a strong structure, and they have been listed on Coin Market Cap, Dex Tools, Coin Gecko, and UniSwap. Their community is growing considerably in the crypto world, and they have an active Telegram and Twitter for their holders/followers to stay updated and in the loop. Boasting an impressive and visually pleasing website with great communication, we will keep our heads aimed towards the stars as we wait for Meta Shib to fly straight past the moon and out of our solar system.

We encourage you to research this token further for yourself by looking at the links to their information below. We have high hopes for this token, and we see a very bright starry future ahead. We wish the Meta Shib team good luck!

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