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The Pillar (PLR) Ethereum Token

Pillar Strong



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The Undeniable Strength of the Pillar Token

When one thinks about Pillars, strength, and stability is the first image that comes to mind which also happens to be how this token is built. With security and longevity in mind, this Ethereum based token seems to have potential and stands out from the ever-growing metaverse.

Trading and staking tokens are some of the easiest ways to make money in the crypto world. However, the most challenging question you need to answer before making the investment decision is which tokens to invest your money in. Pillar token is one of the uprising tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this token, including how it works, its future, and whether Pillar has the potential for creating long-term investment wealth.  

What is Pillar?

Pillar token is the native cryptocurrency that powers pillar – a community-run multichain Defi wallet that stores several types of coins and other digital assets. Some of the Defi assets that can be stored in this wallet include NFTs, Dapps, and Defi services.

Pillar token is verified on some of the most popular decentralized exchange platforms including, Uniswap, Quickswap, PancakeSwap, and HoneySwap. So, you can buy crypto and other digital assets on any of these platforms using Pillar tokens. However, most popular centralized exchange platforms do not support Pillar tokens.

The price of pillar tokens since it was launched in 2017 has been ranging between $0.02 and $0.07. The all-time high for this token is $1.83.

How does Pillar function?

Pillar is not an app, as most of the wallets and crypto exchange platforms out there. It is an open-source crypto wallet that you will use to store coins and other digital assets in the future. Twenty Thirty AG – the company that runs pillar, decided not to build an application because they are against the idea of collecting user data that every other platform out there is doing.

Pillar gives its users the option of sharing the data in their wallet whenever they feel like it or when they see the need to do so. Pillar token is the native coin running the pillar project. So, all transactions done through this wallet require Pillar tokens.

The daily trading volume of pillar tokens is about $200,000, and their market cap is around $6 million. Please note that these figures may be different when you read this article.


Climbing the Charts

Pillar has proven to stand up to it’s name, yes it has come down in price but it hasn’t truly crashed. We believe we will continue to see dips and spikes as time goes on and look forward to a very bright strong future with the Pillar Token.

Pillar has a steady trading volume that ranges between 100k-300k on a consistent daily basis. With an accomplished rising Market Cap of over 5 million, we can see clear potential in Pillar’s near future.

Generating passive income with Pillar (PLR)

Staking is made simple with Pillar (PLR) by adding liquidity to the Pillar Project Liquidity Pool on Uniswap. Staking is a great way to let your investment work for itself while you HODL for a new ATH.

By connecting your wallet that has your liquidity pool tokens you can easily stake your PLR to earn passive income through Pillar’s liquidity pool. To learn more about staking PLR for rewards please click here.

Why Pillar has Massive Potential for Long-Term Holders.

  • It is highly private: Privacy is one of the attributes that will likely make this token more valuable soon. It is an open-source wallet, so it doesn’t harvest data like the rest of the platforms in its category.
  • It is growing steadily: The user base and the token’s market cap are moving in a positive direction, which makes this token very promising.
  • Pillar (PLR) has been climbing the charts recently and looks poised to continue its path in the future, as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream with each passing day, stable tokens such as Pillar gain traction.

How can you safely store your Pillar (PLR)?

As vulnerable as the internet can be we can not stress enough the importance of safely storing your investments. People just like you have lost millions in payouts simply since they put their faith in an online exchange or software wallet that was breached.

There are of course many ways to store Pillar, however, there is only one ultra-secure method that we recommend and that is by harnessing the full power of a cold storage hardware wallet. Hardware wallets eliminate the worry of having your investment stolen or destroyed due to the many faults and insecurities that exist within the internet.

There are no better cold storage hardware wallets than Trezor. Trezor hardware wallets provide maximum security at an affordable price for the everyday average Joe looking to protect their investments. If you are interested in learning more about Trezor wallets and all their built-in features, please look at the links below.

How can you Purchase Pillar (PLR)?

StompyExchange 2

Pillar (PLR) is available to purchase on a wide variety of exchanges, we couldn’t recommend a better exchange however than our own Exchange! Pillar (PLR) can be purchased directly if you have some Ethereum to trade in your wallet. The best part about using our exchange is you can directly and securely connect via your fancy Trezor wallet! Making life a bit easier and hassle-free.

The Stompy conclusion on all things Pillar

Pillar (PLR) is an expanding token with a very bright future ahead as they develop and grow. We rate the Pillar (PLR) Ethereum token 4.5/5 for its massive investment potential. With cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream each passing day, we believe that Pillar will be a shining star among these secure and stable Ethereum based tokens. We wish the Pillar team and all its holders the best of luck and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for Pillar’s future!

We implore all our readers to research further into Pillar (PLR) via the links below as we hardly scratched the surface of with this token has to offer.

Learn More About Pillar (PLR)

This is NOT Financial Advice, Stompy always recommends doing your own research before making an investment decision.

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