Stompy – The Heroic Coin Stomping Mouse

Meet Stompy, Stompy was your typical ordinary everyday mouse once, he enjoyed sneaking into people’s houses and eating their crumbs behind the stove as well as attempting to create his own artisanal meals Ratatouille style. Like all of you, Stompy had a lot of aspirations, things he wanted to accomplish and achieve but there was one problem Stompy always seemed to run into. Stompy kept making bad investments, he would dump all his hard mouse-earned cash into his favorite Cheese-Coin only to have it crash and to lose it all multiple times.

That is until one amazing night during his rat nap he had a dream. In this dream he envisioned himself growing a big stomping foot and crushing all the coins that he had lost, pushing them into the past and out of his worries for good. When Stompy awoke the next morning, he woke up and noticed his foot had grown 5x its normal size and his leg started to twitch. Stompy had realized that he really had stomped away all the cheese coins and he changed all his investments right away and started making better choices. Stompy soon had all the money he needed to accomplish all his goals in life and make his mark on this world before his time was done.

Stompy’s Mission

Stompy wanted to help his fellow mouse-mates that had rugs pulled from under them. For all his friends and family who had made bad cheese-coin investments in the past. So, he got out his Mouse-Top and created a website called CoinStomper. With Stompy’s big foot he has been able to help stomp out bad cheese-coins for all who visit his website. He created helpful guides for beginners as well as reviews on his Daily Stomper pages of all the coins he approves of.

Stompy has since developed his might stomping foot powers and now can split into multiple elemental versions of himself to Stomp coins everywhere all at once. All the income generated from purchases of these limited-collectible Stompy NFTs will be going to the right places. 30% of all profits generated are to be donated to charity. The remaining percentage will go to further development of Stompy’s website features.

The Charity – No Kid Hungry

In the United States, there are as many as 13 million children that live in food-insecure homes. These households do not have enough food to provide the right nutrition to their children. No Kid Hungry is an organization that helps communities feed kids. They do this by providing school meals as well as grants for schools. They raise awareness with celebrities and popular chefs and work with national leaders fighting for stronger policies that help families earn enough to survive in today’s economy.

Stompy understands what it is like to go without cheese living on breadcrumbs and he doesn’t think children should have to go through the same horrific experience.

30% of all profits generated through NFTs on Stompy’s OpenSea account will be donated to No Kid Hungry to help feed hungry children throughout the US. So, you’ll be able to collect all the amazing Stompy NFTs and help further our development and feed hungry children! It’s a win-win-win in Stompy’s book. Stompy encourages you all to visit No Kid Hungry’s official website to read more about their wonderful charity.

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