The ALMIGHTY ShenLong INU Token!

Total Supply 100T

7% Marketing Tax

1% Reflection

Farming/Staking: 10%


Excess Supply Burn

Shenlong Swap Available

“Your Wish Has Been Granted” – Shenron

POWER – That is what you think about when you hear Shenron if you are a fan of the ever-so-popular Dragon Ball Z series. With Shenlong Inu, we believe that quote to be true. CoinStomper presents this lovely hidden gem to our readers today, we have enjoyed discovering this coin as Dragon Ball Z is one of our favorite Anime shows, and what better way to support your favorite things than by holding its tokens in that beautiful BSC portfolio you have been building? We all know how amazing Dragon Ball Z is, so I will not be going into details about that, so let us talk about Shenlong Inu!

Boasting 2% liquidity to every transaction into UniSwap and a 7% marketing tax for longevity, things look bright for this coin’s future. They are establishing their presence in the crypto community daily. If I could peer into a crystal ball, (Totally can do that.) then I am betting I would see a lot of “Lambos” around in the future. Who needs to collect dragon balls when you could get your wishes granted holding Shenlong Inu? At the time of this post, according to BscScan, there are only 246 holders, which means it is just an opportunity to get in on the wish action earlier than most people will be able to! With Binance Chain coins gaining traction and rising exponentially in popularity, we believe it is a suitable time as any to get on board before the ship gets too full.

“Come forth Dragon of the Gods and grant my wish pretty peas!”

When we first reviewed their website, we were greeted with a friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and visually engaging website that features a whitepaper and a well-thought-out road map. Shenlong Inu seems to be taking the BSC token world by storm and did I mention they have their own Swap? Well…they have their own swap! With a well-laid road map for them to follow as listed on their website, we can tell they are serious. This token is spreading like wildfire as their social media presence continues to continually build daily. One percent reflections are given to anyone holding Shenlong in their wallets, adding fuel to this Dragon-enraged fire.

Shenlong Inu can be bought via Ethereum swapping using either Meta Mask or Trust Wallet making buying this token a breeze. The developers are hard at work and this coin is looking to spread its presence across the crypto-verse quickly as if someone had wished for it. We here at CoinStomper will be looking closely for updates and keeping our eyes on the CoinGecko charts as we wait for the world to collect its energy for this Spirit Bomb of a token. We encourage you to learn more about Shenlong Inu from the links below, the coin that will make you want to watch every season of Dragon Ball.

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