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The Sandbox Token

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Let’s Make Castles with The Sandbox Token

As a child, I’ve always imagined what it may be like to build a sandcastle with digital currency. Okay, that may be a stretch but it’s now possible with the Sandbox Token! In this article, we will be discussing the features and investment potential of this Ethereum based token.

Blockchain technology has changed the way we use the internet; thanks to the many benefits it has over the mainstream internet we have all been used to. One of this technology’s most popular use cases is cryptocurrencies, and tokens are used to make transactions on different blockchain platforms.

The Ethereum blockchain has made it possible for app developers to create decentralized apps and effortlessly deploy them on the blockchain. Such apps can include decentralized gaming platforms, crypt exchange platforms, and many more. One of the popular platforms on Ethereum’s blockchain is Sandbox – a decentralized gaming platform founded in 2011.  

Sandbox token is the native currency used to make transactions on this platform. For those hearing about this token for the first time, worry not because this article will help you understand all the basics about this token. Let’s dive in!

What is a Sandbox token?

Sandbox token is the native coin or cryptocurrency used on the sandbox platform. By the time of writing this article, this token’s price was $5.45. In the last two months, its price has been fluctuating between $0.6 to $6. Its all-time high is $8.5, which was achieved less than two weeks back.

The trading volumes of this token in the last month have been over $2 billion daily. The maximum supply of this token is designed to be 3,000,000,000 SAND tokens. Over 23% of these are already in circulation. As more people continue to adopt this token, we expect many more mullions of sandbox coins to get into circulation.

Sandbox (SAND) Live Chart Data

How does Sandbox work?

Sandbox is a decentralized online gaming platform that takes advantage of blockchain technology to revolutionize gaming. The goal of this platform from day 1 is to make decentralized gaming mainstream. Sandbox does not create games, but it offers developers the platform and tools to build and monetize their games on this platform.

Game developers on this platform can monetize their games using the power of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The native currency used for transactions on this platform is sandbox tokens, which is the medium of exchange integrated into all the Dapps and DAOs on this platform.

Sandbox tokens can be traded on over 100 exchange marketplaces, including centralized and decentralized. Some exchange platforms that allow this coin include Binance, Bithumb, Huobi Global,, UniSwap, KuCoin, Kraken, and many more. You can trade your Sandbox token for fiat or crypto, depending on the exchange you choose to use.

Why Sandbox has so much long-term potential.

Public Trust: Sandbox was one of the first decentralized gaming platforms and has built a good reputation over the years. This reputation gives the Sandbox token potential to grow in value further.

The decentralized gaming market is expanding: More people are adopting the idea of decentralized gaming, which gives this platform the opportunity to continue growing its user base. Remember, the more the users, the more the Sandbox token will gain value amongst the community.

Staking With Sandbox (SAND)

Isn’t it great when you can make your money create more money? This is made possible through staking your tokens. SAND is a unique utility/governance token and can be staked to earn passive income on a couple of platforms including UniSwap, and Polygon. Staking will also be available on LAND in the future according to their website’s latest update.

This adds a large benefit as you can not only store your investment for a rainy day, but the investment will passively earn you more income simply by holding it there. Couple this with the token’s rising attention and stability along with the attention cryptocurrency is gaining globally and the long-term potential seems to be exponential! We are very excited to see what SAND will do within the next decade as it has enormous potential to thrive.

The Beautiful Sandy Potential of The Future

There are of course multiple ways to store various c

When looking for coins to invest in the long-term it’s best to try to look at the entire picture of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency currently is still a new concept, but it is being widely accepted and mass-adapted across the entire globe. Experts have predicted that cryptocurrency’s popularity is set to BOOM within the next decade meaning the number of holders will increase for any coin that is on the path to glory.

There are many great coins out there, but there are not as many with as much use potential as SAND seems to have. As they continue to develop and thrive as well as cryptocurrency, we feel that the potential for long-term holders with SAND is enormous and we have the highest of hopes for its future and all its current holders.

Alright, Stompy I’m Interested, How Can I Store This Beautiful Gem?

There are of course multiple ways to store various cryptocurrencies such as software wallets or exchanges themselves. However, there is only one truly secured method that we recommend and that is with a cold-storage hardware wallet. We stress this on every article as this is the most important aspect for any cryptocurrency investor and we do not like hearing the stories of people that have had their investments pay off only to get hacked and lose everything. So, to help aid in the prevention of loss we like to stress the importance of security.

Nothing stored online is ever truly safe. Regardless of what anyone may claim if it’s online, it is vulnerable. The only true way to stay secure and safe is through cold storage that you can hold in your own hand. There are a few different options for cold storage wallets, but we recommend our affiliate Trezor. Trezor creates in our opinion, the most secure hardware wallet available. Look at their link below and get secured today!

Trezor also conveniently can be connected to our own SSL secured exchange, and we highly recommend them when storing your long-term investments.

StompyExchange 2
Stompy Exchange

What is the best way to purchase SAND?

As we’ve stated, SAND can be purchased on a multitude of exchanges currently, but we couldn’t recommend any better than by connecting your super-secure Trezor wallet directly to our Stompy Exchange and exchanging your Ethereum for SAND right here with us! Our exchange makes the process quick and easy if you have Ethereum to trade with to start! If you don’t have a wallet, you can create your own free Stompy Wallet within our exchange!

A Sand-Filled Stompy Conclusion

After reviewing this token’s potential in-depth we feel very strongly about this token’s future as it traverses through the metaverse. We rate Sandbox 5/5 for its enormous long-term potential for its holders/stakers. We encourage all our readers to do their own research and look more into this token for themselves to see all the amazing things we didn’t cover in our article. We wish the Sandbox team and all its holders the best of luck!

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This is NOT Financial Advice

Stompy always recommends doing your own research before making investments.

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