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What is YooShi?

YooShi is a decentralized popular BSC meme coin on the Binance Smart chain. This meme coin grows into YooShi’s game Metaverse. The team boasts of building a bridge of sorts between the P2E game and players to make the game more interesting by adding a way to create income. Their community is large and getting bigger by the day.

Their website is stunning and well mapped out. It features all their NFT’s and details how everything functions clearly. They also have their own app available on Android and coming soon to Apple Store and Google Play!

Let’s Talk Numbers!

Over 62% of all tokens are held by the “Black Hole”. The Black Hole gives all holders 4% transaction fee reflections and is labeled “Unruggable” with locked liquidity in PancakeSwap. The black hole’s 4% share leads to exponential burning of the total supply. This all makes YooShi coin a viable option for long-term holders. They even feature whale shock safety measures to ensure that no whales could sell and shock the market by restricting transaction limits to no more than 5 trillion tokens.

YooShi is 100% Decentralized as it’s a community-led token managed by volunteers instead of an owner. Pair that with the auto-farming feature and we have ourselves a winner! This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what this token is doing. They have a massive NFT Market with NFT Mining options as well as their own YooShi GamePad which provides game developers pre-launch supports for selling NFTs.

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What Can YooShi Do For You?

You may want your coin to earn profit for you passively even further and that’s an option thanks to Yooshi’s website. You can stake your tokens in pools/pairs to earn YOOSHI passively. 4% Reflections are earned simply by holding the token so YooShi will be working for you 24/7 when you aren’t paying attention!

YooShi Farm

How Does YooShi Benefit The World?

YooShi’s image design comes from “Angel Syndrome” as well as their Angel NFT. Their aim is to “make the world a better place”. The YooShi charity fund has already reached $1.6 million, which is 100% used for charities that they announce on their website.

How Can I Buy YooShi?

YooShi is easily obtained by purchasing it on Pancake Swap. This is a BSC token meaning it operates on the Binance Smartchain.

Our Conclusion

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We encourage you to do further research before investing in this token as there are many features that we didn’t cover that you can see listed on their website below. We give this BSC token an A+ and will be watching the charts as this community continues to thrive and expand.

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