TORG – A BSC Utility Coin

777 Billion Total Supply

100% Circulating Supply

Multiple Blockchains

Widely Available

Large Community

Practical Application Use

Multi-Wallet Support

Strong Roadmap

The FIRST BSC Utility Coin

You may have seen many new BSC coins on the market lately, but have you ever wondered what their use in real-world applications is? Today we will be looking at Torg the self-proclaimed world’s first “UtiliMeme” BSC coin. Torg is no ordinary cryptocurrency and after we delved into the details on their website one thing is clear, this coin is here to stay.

What is Torg?

Torg is a utility-focused and decentralized coin with the aim of increasing economic activity and developing new opportunities for the youth of the world and “the alleviation of the economic constraints facing the world’s marginalized populations.” Torg’s utility use will be for paying transaction fees. They have amassed a large following and their community is thriving with over 30 thousand holders at the time of this post. Torg has a very bright future ahead of them and in today’s world with the vast number of coins floating out there now, it has become a rarity.

Torg did not have a presale or public sale and a supply of 777 billion TORG was distributed when it launched. This is a benefit as it reduces the chance of Whale Shock in the future. The Torg team is charting new waters in this wave of cryptocurrencies we’re all riding in by enabling utilities for the average Joe. Torg has its sights set high and aims to develop itself further and outshine any other utility coins that may arise in the future.

Torg holders through the integration with CoinPayments are now able to purchase goods and services using their TORG. CoinPayments is a service in over 200 different countries and provides services for over 70 thousand individual merchants! With this integration, it’s easy to see that Torg is an ever-expanding utility coin with endless possibilities and applications.

Pancake Swap

TORG Wallet Compatibility

So, you’ve now heard about Torg and learned that you may want to make an investment. The first question you may have is “Will my wallet support Torg?” Luckily, multiple wallets support Torg now including Metamask, Coinbase, and Trustwallet. According to the Torg team “Any wallet that supports Polygon, Solana, xDai or ERC20 networks may be used with Torg.” If you are unfamiliar with these wallets, please look at the links below to read more about them.

Where can you purchase TORG?

Now that you know what wallets are compatible with Torg you may be wondering where you can invest in it for yourself. Torg is available for purchase on more than 12 different exchanges including big names such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap, HotBit, Whitebit, Bitmart, and Digifinex making it a simple process. TORG is also available across multiple Blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, and Xdai so you are not limited in any way.

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Our Final Thoughts

Whenever investing in newer coins there is always a risk, however, we believe that some coins are destined to go mainstream and, in our opinion, TORG looks like it’s doing just that. They boast a solid structure and have been featured in mainstream news outlets which means they are gaining traction.

We feel this is a great time to jump on and invest before there are too many holders. We encourage you to view their website and other links below to learn more about TORG for yourself before making an investment.

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