Want to invest in a token that invests in itself? Crypto Inu is changing the BSC game.


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What is Crypto Inu?

Crypto Inu is a newly launched BEP-20 token hosted on the secure, stable, and low fee Binance Blockchain. Take a break from the insane ETH fees that exist by taking advantage of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which offers very low transaction fees, so you get what you pay for. Crypto Inu or ($ABCD) is a deflationary token with non-custodial staking and supports charity. Beyond the token, Crypto Inu is a multiplayer board game with three-dimensional and virtual reality modes that incorporates metaverse real estate investments, making this a wonderful NFT trading/collection platform.

How rewarding is non-custodial staking with Crypto Inu?

Simply by holding and owning $ABCD, your Crypto Inu will begin passively increasing as when any transaction is made either Sold or Bought, a slight percentage is distributed to both a burn wallet and all the current holders of Crypto Inu. This is a wonderful feature for long-term investment seekers as we all know by now, as holders will grow, and prices fluctuate more and more transactions will be made, and eventually, that Burn wallet will fill up and the token’s value will increase. This is great for the longevity of the token itself and provides peace of mind knowing your investment will continue to grow even if you don’t decide to invest further.

Security & Longevity

When making any investment into a new token, the number one aspect that you should look for is if this token is just another pump and dump or if it’s here for the long-haul. The Crypto Inu team seems to have focused on creating a secure and long-lasting token that should withstand the test of time. They have ensured this, by locking their liquidity by 100% for the first year. 48% Liquidity was sent to Pancakeswap and 52% sent to a burn wallet. They have also renounced contract ownership which means the creator of the contract can no longer edit functions such as contract owner functions, further ensuring that there is no chance of it being rug-pulled. $ABCD is also audited by Solid Proof, which shows you how transparent the team behind it is.

Incredible Bang For Your Buck!

Since Crypto Inu ($ABCD) is running on the ultra-fast and secure Binance Blockchain, the fees involved are very minimal compared to today’s high fees on the Ethereum network. Slippage only needs to be set at 3% and most transactions cost next to nothing, allowing you to get the most tokens for your investment. This fee is reduced even further by using our CoinStomper exchange/swap to purchase them as our swap fee is one of the lowest around at 0.2%. We have multiple security protocols on our exchange to ensure safe transactions.

Climbing The Charts!

Crypto Inu has been climbing the charts since the day of its launch steadily and is now up to over 11 thousand holders! This is a very strong start for a new token, and we believe this trend will only continue to grow as more people become aware of its existence and the investments start growing. This makes it a perfect opportunity to buy in while it’s still low, as every sell and buy transaction will continue to grow your tokens that you hold currently. This makes it an enticing investment opportunity for long-term investors and even short-term day traders!

The Token That Keeps On Giving

Did we mention that Crypto Inu also benefits charity? They expect the process to evolve over time as the charities are voted on by the community through social channels. After they have been voted on the donation is then made to the most voted for charity in their poll. This feature makes investing in this token an easy decision as it will benefit in more ways than you know.

How can you safely store your Crypto Inu?

So, by now you’re obviously interested in investing in Crypto Inu and you need a wallet to keep your shiny new investment. We couldn’t recommend any other place other than our own Stompy Wallet! Our wallets are free and last a lifetime. Simply open our exchange and go to the wallet section where you’ll be able to create your very own wallet to safely store your Crypto Inu. There are many ways to store your BSC coins beyond this option such as with Trust Wallet or Metamask, regardless of which wallet you decide to go with you will be able to connect directly to our exchange to access it. With the non-custodial staking implementation, you don’t need to worry about staking it anywhere because it will already be staked so to speak as soon as you own any amount of Crypto Inu.

How can you purchase Crypto Inu?

 Crypto Inu can be purchased on our Stompy Exchange for a very low swap fee of 0.2%. This token is again run on the Binance Blockchain so you will need to have the amount you’d like to invest in the “BNB” token before you can trade for $ABCD. If whichever wallet you are using contains BNB, you’ll be able to purchase Crypto Inu, keep in mind that you will need to have a very small amount of BNB left over for the transaction fee, and remember to only set the slippage at 3% before purchasing.

An Outstanding Conclusion

Overall, we give Crypto Inu ($ABCD) top marks for its security and longevity along with all its features and its wonderful roadmap planned. We believe strongly that this token will only continue to amass a large community and will grow steadily over the next decade. We are excited about the future of this one and will be keeping a very keen eye on the charts and in our own portfolio. We of course always encourage our readers to do their own research before making any investment and we have provided links below to look at all Crypto Inu has to offer and what its future are by looking at their roadmap and whitepaper.

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